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Wieża Piastowska

Piast Tower

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In the past – a lookout tower manned by soldiers, today – one of the best scenic vantage points in Opole and one its most recognisable historic buildings. Also, it is one of the oldest defensive structures in Poland. It is 35 metres tall, approx. 42 if we include the spire, and its silhouette can be seen above the famous Opole Amphitheatre during live coverages of the National Polish Song Festival.
It is situated in Ostrówek, the location of a 990 settlement which was part of the state ruled by Prince Mieszko I. The tower was most likely erected in the late 13th century, though recent studies indicate that it might actually come from the mid-14th century.  Erected during the reign of Prince Bolko I, a great builder, it is currently the only remaining part of what used to be the Piast Castle, which was demolished in 1928.
The tower used to house a dungeon, a kitchen, various rooms and a guardhouse. The Piast Tower has been completely renovated and installed with multimedia exhibitions on the history of Opole and the Castle, among others.

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Wieża Piastowska
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