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Graduates of the five-year psychology programme receive a solid theoretical and practical education necessary to work as a psychologist. The various courses making up the programme offer knowledge of theoretical (for example general and developmental) and applied psychology (psychology of advertisement, psychology of addiction).
Theoretical knowledge is applied in practice for the purpose of psychological diagnostics, counselling and solving public life issues. The institute also teaches elective classes enabling students to customise the curriculum and offers them participation opportunities in training and education trips.
Students learn about the biological principles governing human behaviour, philosophy and sociology. Graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct research, in particular a knowledge of statistics and psychometrics. In addition, students can choose a specialisation in their fifth semester – psychology of work and organisation or social clinical psychology, which allow them to expand their knowledge of their chosen subfield.
An advantage of the Institute of Psychology is the atmosphere created by competent and friendly faculty members. Its passionate research staff have many domestic and international achievements under their belts, and offer interesting and inspiring lectures, seminars and workshops. Students have the option to write and defend their theses in English and participate in a specialised English course for psychologists.

The institute has its own psychology lab equipped with computers used for psychological diagnostics (Biofeedback) and a one-way mirror.

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