Opolska Wenecja nad Młynówką

Opole Venice on the Młynówka Canal

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The Opole Venice stretches along the beautiful Młynówka Canal, which separates the very centre of the city from Pasieka Island – a quiet residential district and one of the most charming and romantic places in Opole. The old tenements reflecting off the water surface look the best at night. The boulevards stretching along the Canal are about 1.3 kilometres in length and connect the Castle Bridge, located near the Opole Voivodeship Office, with Korfantego Street. The boulevards feature sett trails, decorative walls, rock gardens and convenient paths to water. There are also many benches there, as well as a wooden viewing pier. It is a dream come true for cyclists, runners and Nordic walking enthusiasts.

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Opolska Wenecja