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About Opole

Dla Turysty

Opole is the capital of Opole Voivodeship, but once a year, it also becomes the song capital of Poland. The scene of the Opole Amphitheatre has witnessed the debut performances of the greatest Polish artists, and the National Polish Song Festival has been taking place here since the 60s, defining the city’s identity as one of its most recognisable events. Opole truly is a city of hits.
The musical tradition of Opole gave birth to the Museum of Polish Song – the only museum of its kind in Poland and a real trove of knowledge on Polish music from the 20s onward. In addition to a large collection of memorabilia, visitors can enjoy music walls, booths for recording songs and virtual dressing rooms.

Opole is one of the oldest Polish cities, having celebrated its 800th anniversary in 2017. Its rich history can be seen in its every historic tenement and narrow street of the Old Town.  The 14th-century Piast Tower, a mediaeval knight guardhouse, is a symbol of the city’s past. Its interior now houses a multimedia exhibition on the history of Opole, and those who climb it can enjoy a beautiful vista of the city.
Modern-day Opole harmoniously blends tradition and modernity, as well as business and science. It is a university city where innovative projects come to life, benefiting domestic and international companies. Visitors and investors can enjoy its well-developed infrastructure, including a network of bike rentals.
Opole also offers places where you can relax away from all the hustle and bustle and commune with nature. Bolko and Pasieka Islands located on the Oder are the green lungs of the city. There, you can both relax and get some exercise. The islands house one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions – the Zoo, which is home to around 300 animal species, including the unique lowland gorillas, California sea lions, cheetahs, giraffes, flamingos and lemurs.
Opole is a city worth visiting and exploring. Regardless of season, its unique atmosphere, architecture and hospitality make for an unforgettable experience. Everyone feels their own rhythm in Opole.

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